Hahahaha. Just kidding. Nobody ever asks me any questions about my blog.

But I was feeling some blogger-inferiority, so I thought I’d make some up.

What is a bruxist?

If you search a dictionary for ‘bruxist’, you’re not going to find it. It’s a word I made up based on the noun ‘bruxism‘ which means to grind or gnash one’s teeth. I figured if that was bruxism, then a bruxist would be a person who practices it.

And I practice it.

A lot.

How did you get started blogging?

I wrote a letter to my dog and posted it on Facebook. People really liked it, and after I wrote it, I wanted to keep on writing.

I thought, “Should I slog away on a novel for years in anonymity? Or publish whatever and whenever the hell I want with a blog?” Decision made.

Why are some posts password-protected?

Because sometimes I like to write things that could get me dooced or sued.

But if I’ve met you once, or if you’ve met two people I know a total of three times, then Like my Facebook fan page and shoot me an email, and chances are, I’ll send you the password.

Is what you write true?

It’s my truth.


That’s it for now, friends! But do you have questions? Ask them frequently, and I’ll put them on this very FAQ page.