About Amy

I teach fourth sixth grade language arts, smooch my boyfriend, do CrossFit badly, and hang out with my dogs.  That’s about it.

8 thoughts on “About Amy”

  1. well howdy there, sister of my sister-in-law. just finally found your website (thanks to my da, who gave me the address). i plan to read all of it – prepare for a flood of random comments. thought i would give you a heads up on that – hope things are going well! aaaaand gmutlich to you. :-)

  2. Oh, HIIIIII, Lincoln! Good thing you commented on this page—it reminded me to edit it. No more boyfriend, no more smooching.

  3. I added a link to your blog from my blog. I don’t expect you’ll need to run out and upgrade to a more powerful server anytime soon. But you are one of my favs and you deserve a little linky-love. However, if you can’t handle the traffic from my plethora of [20] followers or would rather not be associated with a girl that blogs about dog toilets, just let me know and I’ll abort immediately.

  4. i think you also eat at Chipotle on occasion? and i think i saw you there last week but wasn’t sure it was you until i met up with MaryFran and she confirmed that it was prolly you cuz you had mentioned to her that you had gone to Chipotle that week? you were with two other women, right? me, i was ALONE. i mean, all one. yeah. i heart your blog.

    1. I do eat at Chipotle! It always goes something like: 1. Eat Chipotle. 2. Enjoy Chipotle. 3. Experience Chipotle expanding in my stomach for four hours afterward. 4. Swear never to eat Chipotle again. 5. Repeat.

  5. I am addicted to your blog.
    You are phenomenally witty and I find it absolutely captivating.

    Also, I have a friend who’s husband wants a pit bull. My friend and I both think her hubby’s purposes are needing some re-considering, but I will keep you posted should things change and we come to approve of the idea. I am curious about the coincidence of her mentioning this to me as you are fostering one, we shall see.

    I have to go now because I can hear thin mints yelling at me from the pantry two rooms away…and it is Saturday. It is thanks to your blog that I remember that they are in there, thank God there is only one box!
    Hope you (and your super-dog) are having a great weekend!

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