Ten things I like. About myself.

Ten things. I like. About myself.

This is a tough bit of homework, assigned by Coach Ashley to a bunch of us female CrossFit bloggers who, she noticed, tend to engage in a lot of conversations with ourselves in which we disparage our looks, bodies, and physical abilities. The requirement: ten things you like about or can do with your body. Not character traits. They don’t count.

What I noticed as I brainstormed was that wanted to qualify all of my ideas. Like, I smile with my whole face, but my teeth slant inward in a wholly unattractive way. Or, if they weren’t quite so square, my feet would be really cute.

I figured that disclaimers went against the spirit of the thing so I really concentrated to try to come up with things. Here we go:

1. I have nice eyes. They’re a cool color which morphs from blue to green to grey and back depending on what I’m wearing. When I’m not wearing mascara, which is all but about two nights a month, people think I am. When I am wearing mascara, people accuse me of wearing false eyelashes.

2. I’ve got rhythm. I’ve always loved to dance, and even today, I don’t listen to music while doing anything else because, if it’s on, I want to be dancing, and if I can’t be dancing, I get cranky.

3. (Related to #2) I’m coordinated. If you give me something to do with my body, and I have the strength, I’ll do it—often on the first try but definitely within a shorter time frame than the next guy.

4. My shoulders are all freckly. I know that’s just sun exposure, but I think it’s cute.

5. I have a strong back. Always have had. I gave a piggyback ride to my best friend’s 210-pound stepdad. When I was twelve.


That’s all I got! And even as I wrote the list, which took two days, I felt compelled to document the myriad qualities and attributes that annoy or disgust me about myself. In fact, wait a minute.

Yep. Took me about 90 seconds to list an even dozen.

I think I’m gonna get a bad grade on my homework.

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P.P.S. I was encouraged to include my ass in this list, but the assignment was things I like about myself. Not things others like about me. Or parts of me that are visible from space kinda like the Great Wall of China.