Before you comment on my Guidelines for Dealing with Fat CrossFitters post, I’d like to say a few words.

First, I never said I don’t want to be cheered for. I get that that’s what some people are reading, but it ain’t what I wrote. Don’t believe me? Reread the post. I didn’t say it. In fact, I stated exactly how I wanted to be encouraged.

Second, please read all the other comments before you decide to add your two cents. Getting some repeat business up in there.

Third, if this is your first time to the blog, I suggest you not read this post in isolation. If you want to read about why I love CrossFit, read this, this, this, or this. If you want to get my sense of humor, read this. If you want to understand my particular brand of crazy, read this or this. If you want to know why I’m fat, even though I CrossFit, read this. If you want to read how my dog is an awesome (non-fat) CrossFitter, read this. If you want to read a story about farts (totally unrelated to CrossFit), read this.